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We specialise in point-of-sale software and hardware for the hospitality industry. With a 35 year track record, we are a one-stop point of sale vendor developing industry-leading software.

Evolved over the past 30 years | 6000+ clients Globally

Improve your operational efficiencies and increase profitability

GAAP Point of Sale leads the market in point-of-sale development. With in-house design and development utilising the latest technology, GAAP Point of Sale offers you a complete management solution for your restaurant, take-away, pub or nightclub. GAAP Point of Sale is a Leading POS Innovation which has evolved over the past 30 years. This has resulted in a user-friendly software solution that is both practical and functional.

Key Features and Benefits:

Live Mobile App

View live turnover for single and multi-store operations, Drill down to regional and store-level key performance metrics such as growth, exceptions, guest/invoice counts and averages.

Third Party Integration

Our software seamlessly integrates with several third-parties such as Accounting Packages, Mobile Payments, EFT Switching, Airtime Sales, Loyalty Programs, Property Management Systems, Liquor Control systems, Online Ordering and CCTV Camera Systems and more.

Stock Management System

Optimize your order levels and stock holding with our Stock Management System. Suggested orders via par levels or auto level assist will help keep your perishable waste to a minimum.

Central Database Management

Complete menu, stock and recipe updates from a central location. Changes can be pushed immediately or scheduled. Multiple databases and pricing levels supported.

Live Web Dashboard

View your group or individual store KPI’s live from anywhere with an internet connection.

SMS Service

Receive a daily SMS with turnover fi¬gures, voids, discounts, invoice/guest counts and averages.