About Us

We Deliver Capabilities

Our Mission

We are dedicated working in partnership with our customers to constantly reinvent how they run their business and continually grow value and potential.

Our Vision

Intellivos has a very distinct and clear vision. We Create solutions to expand the boundary of our customers business ….

Our Core Values

Customer Understanding

We gain a deep understanding of our customers business by working with them as partners and knowing their objectives and goals for their business.

Create Bespoke Solutions

We aim to build solutions specific to our customers business need and requirements. We continually work to create new horizons for our clients' business.

Build Relationships

We are here for the long haul for our clients, continually supporting their business and helping them grow. We are an agent of growth for our customer business.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Intellivos Technologies Ltd is a fully integrated solutions organization delivering best in breed industry solutions to cover the operations of businesses across several market verticals. We currently offer solutions across the following market verticals: Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail.
With our alliance partners who between them have over 100 years of providing Industry focused solutions across these verticals globally, we are able to deliver service capabilities for a wide range of Technology to our customers across Nigeria and the West African region where we have a wide footprint.
Some of our current alliance partners include such top-tier brand such as GAAP POS, iVend Retail, HTI and Posiflex.

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